Saturday, 3 January 2015

Annual mother/daughter day.....

Yesterday was Daughter's birthday and we had our traditional day together in town at the sales, mostly for her to buy clothes as her birthday present from us but also for extended lunch and coffee shop conversations, a very special time together helped by M having all four children at his home and Hubby cooking us a full roast dinner to come back to at our home.

I collected her from home at 10:30am and we shopped between lunching at our usual place quite early and wallowing in comfy chairs in the coffee shop late afternoon until we had to rush out to get to the car before the parking expired. Daughter's clothes buys came to about 9 items and I bought a couple of things too including a top which is a possible towards an outfit for my nieces wedding in June,  that was a real bargain as priced at £17.99 reduced to £11.49 on the ticket but rang up at just £5 at the till 😊

Another amazing bargain of mine was in Primark for a king size fitted sheet which although probably of very poor quality I was chancing as reduced to just £5 but when that came up at an unbelievable £1 on the till I sent Daughter back to grab another one. We both bought some better bedding in the BHS sale too and picked up a little black shrug for E to go with her concert clothes and both saw the most adorable "snowman" zip up jumper that had to come home with us for R.

I dropped Daughter at home to collect all the others, then we all meet back at mine for roast lamb that just fell off the bone, plus veg of course, plus vegetarian alternative. Followed by cheesecakes x2, water melon and squirty cream which always seems to cause great hilarity at the table, and then that was followed by birthday cake with candles (they took most of that home as we were all so full).

Silly me forgot to take any photos 😕

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Michelle said...

Does sound like a fab day. Meant I sent birthday wishes too :-).