Saturday, 10 May 2014

Theatre: Saturday night and Sunday morning.....

A brilliant performance from the perfectly cast actors bringing to life the very gritty emotions of this oh so common story line. The set design was very clever too looking very minimal but cold and industrial and hardened to life like the characters, but able to open up and show the light beyond.

At the Mercury Theatre in Colchester.
We all enjoyed it a lot.


It’s Saturday night, the factory whistle’s gone, and Arthur Seaton, the original ‘angry young man’, is out on the town and determined to have a good time, whatever it costs.
Hard-drinking, double-dealing, womanising, Arthur thinks he’s got it made, but he’s playing with fire, because now he’s got two women on the go at the same time and they’re both married.
What’s more, everything could be about to change for Arthur and the women in his life following a bombshell revelation one night on the boardwalk.
Alan Sillitoe’s ground-breaking picture of 1950s Britain was immortalised in the award-winning 1960 film starring Albert Finney. Now Mercury favourite Tony Casement brings the tale raging back to life in a fast-moving new stage adaptation by critically acclaimed writer Amanda Whittington ( Be My BabyThe Thrill Of Love).
Iconic 50’s drama blended with high-energy action and a thumping soundtrack makes this funny, sexy, heart-rending show a must see.

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