Monday, 26 May 2014

Friends, more friends and the birthday treat.....

...and corrections. I was told the cruise photos hadn't worked (thanks Michelle) so I've been back and hopefully sorted those out, so please go back and enjoy them and make all my efforts worthwhile hahaha.

Last weekend was our first opportunity to catch up with friendsL&K, so they came to us for an overnighter. So lovely to see them but I did feel bad when they insisted on hearing all about the cruise and seeing all the photos when they should have been there with us, like rubbing salt etc. Lovely meal in the George at Hintlesham, even though we spent some of the time keeping an eye on a huge wasp that had flown in, thankfully someone managed to wave it out the open door. Phew! Late night, lazy morning,  leisurely breakfast then they went home.

Monday friendsN&T stopped here en-route home in their campervan (they had been at a horsey thing in Norfolk). Very funny when she text me a week ago to ask if we'd be home on the 29th as they were passing, well my new phone had obviously lost her contact details as it just came up with the number, so I replied saying as such and tell me who you are before I decide if I'm in or not, to which the reply was "it's me of course" yeah yeah very funny, got there eventually and they got here and stayed for lunch. Really lovely sunny warm day so lunch outside for the first time this year for me. We will be holidaying with them on the south coast in a couple of weeks!

Wednesday night was the usual crowd at the usual pub and Thursday night was art group followed by (rubbish) live music at the truck stop.

Thursday during the day was different though, as that was our only opportunity to celebrate R & E's 12th birthday. Three days early but they have a long weekend at their dad's. So with very limited time I suggested the Arcade at Felixstowe which is a very rare treat and they loved it, as did Hubby, O and M. Daughter and I just about tolerated it. Then a quick dash to Prezzo for a special birthday lunch. Sadly Daughter and E had to leave before dessert for E's percussion lesson. But overall I think they enjoyed it.

They were far too busy feeding the machines with coins to pose for a photo! 

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