Friday, 9 May 2014

An "F"ing week....

...that's full of food, family, friends, fun and featre (ok that is stretching it too far).

Monday started with coffee morning here and as it's a bank holiday we have some that are normally working coming but some that are away for the weekend not coming, but still a full dining room which is lovely. In the evening FriendL and I went for a meal and catch-up gossip.

Tuesday night I drove 60+ miles to go out to dinner with two of my nieces. We couldn't believe it that we were the only customers there all evening and at first it felt a bit spooky but then we started getting a bit louder and really appreciated having the place to ourselves. Two of us ordered the mixed grill each and after munching our way almost  through the huge mounds of meat the chef came out and told us he was surprised we had ordered one each as they are normally for two to share, hahaha, it didn't say that on the menu and when we asked the waiter why he hadn't warned us he said he always eats a whole one to himself in his break and laughed. We still found a little space for desserts. We had excellent service as we were the only ones and I used my 50% off discount card, so a perfect evening apart from having 60+ miles to drive home very full and tired.

FriendM loves to cook and as a holiday gift I bought her a book of Spanish Tapas, so Wednesday night she invited us all round for a tapas dinner party and it was delicious.

Thursday started with the dentist, just check-ups for Daughter, grandchildren and me (easier to go all together). I was advised to see their hygienist so I've made an appointment for next week and as she's not NHS I had to pay £53, hope she's worth it!
Daughter and children all played here all day, with Daughter in and out for percussion lesson for E then taking the car for insurance photos as she had had someone run into her last week. Bil-K arrived in the afternoon as he is sleeping over. Hubby was on-call and got a call-out early evening so took bil-K with him, I was out anyway at my art group then onto the truck stop for some great live music.

This morning our men drove off (hubby, bil-k and FriendA from next door).....this is the annual walking weekend where about 40 blokes meet at a hostel on the Friday, do a long walk on the Saturday and a shorter walk Sunday morning then drive home. This year it's up on the Scottish border and they are walking along Hadrian's Wall. This is the first time bil-K has gone with them and Hubby has a bad foot, so fingers crossed all goes well.

I'm out tonight at the theatre but have nothing else planned   :o)))

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