Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ne'er cast a clout till may be out.....

...well it is, both the may flower and the month, but I'm still chilly so no casting of clouts for me just yet!

Well it's been quite busy since the holiday, in fact we walked through our front door with our suitcases about 5pm and I'd unpacked and changed and was out the door again at 7:30pm for dinner out with friends.

Obviously the next few days was taken up with processing laundry, getting it washed when the sun was out (making the most of solar panels) and using all my clothes horses to get it dry indoors as it kept raining.

Daughter and children have been over lots, I miss them so much when I'm away!
We've also fitted in a birthday party evening for a friend's 40th, Hubby did a fund raising event for SERV, dinner out with FriendL, baking bread, an online shop and a supermarket shop, dinner at the pub with the usual Wednesday gang (and the lovely manageress gave us her staff 50% off voucher), a hospital visit for a very odd test,  a visit from Hubby's brother, made a start on the mountain of ironing, trying to do more for hubby and nagging him to do less as he has injured his foot, garage preparation for a floor repair happening next week, a lovely dinner out with neighbours at a large charity dinner, transporting M and R around all this morning (Daughter and other three children are at Kentwell this weekend), and shopping for a new phone for me.

I should try to explain my hospital test in a bit more detail as it was odd but interesting too. Following on from the full hearing test which gave good results and MRI scan which also came back clear (phew!) I was then sent an appointment for a VNG test, this stands for videonystagmography and is the electronic recording of eye movements. They collect the result by recording on cameras that are worn in big eye goggles. After all the lights in the treatment room were turned off I was asked to closely follow a red dot with my eyes while it danced about a long bar and after that while lying down I had to stare up at the ceiling (although I couldn't see the ceiling as he'd put the shutter down on the goggles) while he first blew hot air for 45 seconds into each ear and then cold air, apparently this warming and cooling of the ear drum makes the fluids run in different directions and apparently creates dizzyness which shows in eye movements. The guy doing the test (senior audiologist) told me when I was very dizzy but as I wasn't moving my head and was deprived of sight I couldn't actually feel any dizzy sensation,  amazing eh?
Well the result he gave me there and then is a definite weakness on the left, however I have to wait for the follow up appointment with the consultant to find out what that means and what happens next.

And looking through my diary I think May isn't going to be much quieter!

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