Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ouch ouch ouch.....

I've got toothache :-(
Had it since Saturday but not bad enough then to bother doing anything about it. Got worse Sunday but of course the dentist doesn't open on Sundays and not severe enough to warrant A&E. Monday I had a day of events I couldn't really change but rang the dentist to make an appointment for Tuesday, however, they will only give out emergency appointments on the day so had to ring 8:30am Tuesday and eventually got an appointment for 3:30pm with a different dentist (my one was off sick).

I told him there was a hole in a bottom tooth but I was getting pain both top and bottom gum/jaw line with it being most painful at the top, he said that was normal for nerve pain. He put a temporary filling in the hole and said he would leave a note for my dentist to sort it all out at my next appointment (already booked for about 6 weeks time).

All well and good I thought but the pain never eased up and even now, a full 24 hours later and it still hurts enough to need regular paracetamol. :-(

So do I ignore it for a day or two, hoping it will go because it now has a filling in?
Or do I make another appointment for the stand-in dentist to take another look?
Or do I wait until my dentist is back then get her to see me as an emergency appointment?
Or should I bulk buy paracetamol and wait till my next booked appointment?
I suppose it will depend on the level of pain, because as much as I really hate dental treatment I hate pain more!

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MumB / @mumbosh said...

Update - too painful to wait out another weekend so went back today and now on antibiotics. Told to make appointment for asap with my own dentist but the earliest is 18 October!!!