Monday, 3 September 2012

It takes two.....

Yes it takes two grandparents to keep a three year old amused and entertained for the day. Sunday O was here with us from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We did another breakfast while playing on the floor with the 7in1 pool table/basketball /golf/football /etc set so little balls flying everywhere.  We did some gardening and watering which came to an abrupt end when he remembered that he really needed to make a banana cake then thoroughly lick every bowl and spoon and whisk clean (they were clean he wasn't) which was immediately followed by another session in the garden so all manor of garden dirt could embed itself onto his bakers sticky limbs.

So that’s when we moved swiftly into the bathroom and into the bath. He found a disposable plastic glove (used to keep them handy for hair dyes) and played with that for ages, getting me to hold it open while he filled it up then squeezed it out. I managed to put a whole or two in it without him noticing and the subsequent leakage caused great amusement.  Eventually it was scrubbing, hairwashing, out, drying and dressing. O wanted to dry his own hair in my room with my hairdryer that has the rotating brush then ended his beauty treatment with needing my makeup on!

All this and it was only lunchtime :-)

The afternoon continued after sandwiches and the freshly baked banana cake (good but it had forgotten to rise so a bit heavy). He then wanted a creative interlude with gluing pictures to decorate a box, followed by painting, but only in yellow, and potato printing and folding and squelching......well he'd been clean for a little while! Then enough creativity and granddad was dragged outside to play tennis then inside for a game of pool, then outside again for more tennis!

And of course we had the continuous stream of 'why' questions which I just love about little ones punctuated by lots of cuddles which I love even more. Thanks O come again soon!  <3


Hannah said...

Aww lovely. And O is so lucky to have attentive Grandparents!!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you :)