Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lifeguards then kirtles...

I have to say how proud I am of our very clever and dedicated Daughter, for someone who always disliked sewing she has made herself and three children authentic Tudor clothing, all hand stitched, which includes 2 shifts each, kirtles for mother and daughters, cote for a boy, jackets, detachable sleeves, under kirtles, aprons, head rails, coifs, biggins and hats plus bags and pockets and pouches. She has also purchased Tudor shoes and hose/stockings, bowls, spoons and cups that they have to carry around with them and bought herself a recorder suitable for that era as she is spending the week as a 'player'. They have also had to attend at least 3 open days and learn 'Tudor Speak'......and then finally last Friday evening they took up residence at Kentwell Hall to be Tudors for 9 days (camping in the grounds)!

Of course with the children always being so busy with their extra activities, there had to be a clash and it was last weekend for E. While her family drove off to the year 1556, E had to stay very firmly in 2012 with us as she had a special day of her own on Sunday. Before then she did the usual trampoline sessions on Friday night and Saturday lunchtime then on Sunday as part of the County Music School she took part in a whole music day held at the Suffolk Show Ground / Trinity Park. She had to arrive at 9am for rehearsals then put on a concert at 10:30am involving 5 different county bands, which hubby and I had tickets for and enjoyed. Then it was a picnic lunch and BBQ and then hubby and I left and E stayed.

We returned about 5:30pm for the concert that was starting at 6pm and got really good seats. We then heard how about 20 members of the Band of the Lifeguards of the Royal Army had been there rehearsing with our young musicians all afternoon and taught them 4 new pieces of music. The concert included the Lifeguard's conductors and trumpeters and band members all in their very ornate (and warm) uniforms, together with more than 200 of our County music musicians (that included E on percussion) and they all played exceptionally well. It was brilliant. E was exhausted but euphoric :o)

Add to that my rushing off to spend Friday evening with SisterM and having to shop on Saturday with E for some suitable concert shoes and then getting up really early Monday morning to help E into her Tudor clothing and get her to Kentwell Hall at 8am to join up with mum and siblings. I didn't / couldn't do much else for the rest of Monday!


Hannah said...

That's some serious dedication to Tudor authenticity!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Welcome back on-line Hannah, hope you are fully refreshed :-)
Yes the selection process for Kentwell is so strict that only those truly dedicated to authenticity are accepted. Well worth it as you'll read in the next post when I get the time to write it. x