Monday, 30 July 2012

Strangely addictive....

I have no real interest in sport although it's often on TV in front of me as Hubby is a huge fan of almost every sport, however, the London 2012 Olympics is finally up and running and normally other years I have to watch the opening and closing ceremonies but can happily take myself elsewhere or read or book during the weeks inbetween. This year I watched all three and a half hours of the opening ceremony, without moving off the sofa, ending at I have it recorded from another channel in case they had different camera angles. I loved it all. I'm also amazed at what they have achieved by building the Olympic Park in Stratford as I grew up in the East End, walking distance from where the park now is and that area definitely needed lots of help and it certainly got its regeneration! And even though it's only the third day I've watched loads of the sports, not the whole time of course, but loads by my standards.
Hope you're enjoying it or avoiding it as is your choice.

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