Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hmm new, old or both?...

I'm still here but I've recently bought myself a Blackberry Playbook tablet so I've been playing with that instead of using this laptop and because the touch-screen keyboard will take some getting used to for me to use with long nails I've not felt inclined to blog - but now the laptop is charged up so I can decide what I do on which bit of kit, so blogging on the laptop.

I'd had to leave the laptop for a while as the power lead had given up and as it has got slower and slower it uses up a lot of charge doing not much at all...very frustrating. The new power lead arrived and it got fully charged so now I can be selective and do things like blogging and uploading photos to flickr etc PLUS we are getting the new BT Infinity broadband installed next week so fingers crossed on-line frustration may be a thing of the past :o)

Doesn't mean to say my life will be more exciting or I will blog more poetically, but hey you can't have everything!

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