Friday, 15 June 2012

Un joli vacance .....

We've just got home from a four day holiday in France with our neighbour-friendsP&A. This one was all Hubby's idea as he wanted to see the tallest viaduct in the world at Millau in Southern France

We set off very early Sunday morning and got back very late Wednesday. Used the Eurotunnel train both ways and drove a total of about 1,600 a lot of time in the car! Both men shared the driving with Hubby doing most of it (his car). Our 3 different hotels were all 2-star but lovely although we all lamented the missing tea/coffee making facilities in the room that a better hotel would have provided but we survived! They did all provide free wifi which was very useful and a good selection of continental breakfasts which we took total advantage of  :o)

Hotel stops were at Bourges, Millau and Chalon-Sur-Saone and we did other stops for meal and comfort breaks although most of them were main road services. Our furthest south was to the beach was at Palavas where unfortunately I took a tumble (probably shocked at finally being in warm sunshine) thankfully my fall was broken by a couple of those beautiful Mediterranean palm trees, you know the ones with the big prickly pineapple looking I was grazed and perforated and bleeding from hands and arms, but the worst was the crack I took to my knee cap ouch ouch ouch (have to confess to saying a lot worse at the time)! So while I'm remembering the bad things and getting your sympathy I'll also mention that Hubby started the journey with a bit of a sore throat and ended it with a full blown head cold, he also dropped his phone and broke the screen and I also managed to break a shard of tooth  :o(

OK moan over and back to the good bits....we bought lots of nougat as we stopped in Montpelier as it's very near to Montelimar which is famous for it (and I love the stuff) and we bought lots of mustards as presents when we stopped in Dijon. We found some good restaurants too. Food makes all things pleasant eh?


Hannah said...

Aww no - I'm sorry to hear about the injury and illness. Sounds like you had a good time anyway, though x

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Yes Hannah good time had by all. Hubby all better now and hopefully my knee will be better soon. Thanks x