Thursday, 8 March 2012

Helpful distractions....

Woke this morning quite worried about SisterM who had been taken into hospital yesterday and kept in overnight, thankfully by early afternoon she had text me to say treatment and scan done and she was going home. So I let my siblings know.

Meanwhile Daugter came over with the children and the day was taken up with car washing (Granddad with R and O), trousers making (E with help from me and Daughter), checking out an internet story (me and R), crochet (E), craft shopping (me, Granddad, R and O), lunch (all of us), collecting frog spawn in a bucket to watch (me, Granddad, R and O), bathing (R), hair combing through and drying (Daughter for R), afternoon tea with muffins (made by Daughter yummy), badminton in the garden (Granddad with all children at various times), playing mario with O (Granddad - while Daughter took R and E to choir) a busy day had by all.

This evening I'm off to my art group but mentioned that I really don't know what to paint as I'd finished my last projects. So R suggested....
* Toast with butter melting over the edge
* Pancakes with syrup on
* A French worm wearing an onion string around it's neck
* A Penguin wearing dungarees and a straw hat
* Cowboy panda
* Hippy blackbird with dreadlocks
E said to keep the perspective of lying down toast the finished picture should remain lying down!!!
This made for a very funny lunchtime with lots of laughing. The only problem is I think R would really like it if I did produce these pictures, I wish I was a good enough artist to manage it.

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