Saturday, 10 March 2012


OK so the pile of ironing had got so intimidating, every time I walked out of the bathroom I could see the tower of creased clothes piled high in the room opposite. Well tomorrow Hubby needs the top he only wears once a month for a bowling league and he missed last month because we were away so I guess this top had been in the pile two months so I'd obviously not done any ironing for that long and had holiday washing in there too!!!

Well today was the day. So apart from two very short tea breaks and one hour long lunch break I managed to iron my way through five recorded TV programmes and even though it's early March and a bit chilly outside I needed both windows in that room thrown open to keep me cool enough to carry on!

I'm very pleased to announce that at 5pm it was all done, including his bowling top.


Hannah said...

Well done! I have a similar laundry issue which I am determined to get to the bottom of before Easter. All this great weather is doing me a favour with getting it dry!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Good luck Hanna. Report back when you reach the bottom so I can give you a "well done" too ;o)