Monday, 5 March 2012

40 years in 210 minutes....

I know a lot of people knock Facebook and yes for me it can be the cause of total procrastination looking through other people's pointless status updates but I love it for the way I can keep an eye on family and friends and just occasionally find or be found by someone I knew in a past life and lost touch with.

JF found me, we had known each other in our youth club days, and we arranged to meet some 40 years later.

The venue was about 22 miles from home and roughly mid-way between where we both now live. It's a food-hall with a cafe and we sat at that table talking non-stop for three and a half hours. One of the waiters heard how we were having a 40 year reunion and was so amazed he even brought over another waiter to introduce us!

We only really dragged ourselves away because JF had an evening planned that she need to get ready for, but we left with promises of doing it again soon and an invite for hubby and I to her house to meet her hubby too.

Thank you Facebook.

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