Saturday, 10 February 2018

DIYman is at it again......

This is the state of our dining room at the moment, as Hubby has put on his tool belt again! The office is an extension with four outside walls attached to the house by not much more than the doorway. So it's always been colder in there than the rest of the house.

Some years ago he added a second radiator and last year the double glazed windows and door had the glass replaced by more efficient double glazed units. It has improved each time until Hubby just felt it was chilly at ground level.

The original laminate floor just had a paper underlay over the concrete and as the laminate boards had been glued together it stayed as it was and new was laid on top with a heat reflective foam underlay in between.

So a lot of work moving everything out. Desk legs needed to come off and be cut down before going back on. Hubby on his knees for most of the time over three days. Two new flat pack high shelf units installed. And now a good opportunity to sort stuff before it all goes back. 

But when it's all done, unless I'd written it all here you'd probably not even notice the difference just hopefully warmer legs. 


Michelle said...

Looking good and sure it'll feel warmer. Like the interlocking underlay.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

He said it all went down easily too. That room all sorted and of the house is worse than ever hahaha