Saturday, 17 February 2018

My valentine man......

Valentine's day is also Hubby's birthday and this year it fell on a Wednesday so our usual gang of three couples, who always spend Wednesday nights together, agreed to celebrate our valentine's and Hubby's birthday together.

All dressed up for a special evening at the lovely old Orwell Hotel in Felixstowe.
Starting with a complimentary glass of prosecco blush in the bar.
We made our way into the full dinnig room, where we were the only table of six as all the rest were romantic two's hahaha. Once seated we were greeted by the maitre d', Costas, (who knows friendsM&P and has seen the rest of us a few times) greeted the men with a handshake but for us ladies it was a kiss, a long stemmed red rose and a small box of chocolates!

This was the menu.....

As you can see if we ordered starters and main course we got a sharing dessert for free, so that's what we did. Dessert was two portions but served on one plate between us so each couple huddled together romantically 😉

Quite late and all very full we still decided to continue the evening and ran to our cars in the most dreadful wet and windy weather and drove to a newish bar that the others had tried once before but I'd not been to. It's called Copas on the Felixstowe sea front, and it's very elegant inside.
It even has a free pool table, so the men were happy and didn't miss out on their Wednesday game.

A lovely evening had by all, especially my birthday/valentine boy! 


Michelle said...

Does sound like a lovely evening. Not so many places with pool tables any more round here, think the space is deemed more profitable filled with customers drinking :-(. There is a snooker club in town but its a bit male dominated and regularly has fights requiring police/paramedic attendance. The pub over the road (now demolished and 8 hideous town houses now squished onto the site) used to have, many years and a few landlords ago, a pool table which was then replaced with an L-shaped pool table which was a bit odd before being removed altogether. Belated birthday returns to him. x

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Hubby says thanks :o)
Yes pool tables in pubs are definitely a rare thing here too. I've never been in our town snooker club as assumed it was more snooker than club.