Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Not a race but a steady amble.....

Finally getting round to my January catch-up, although there must be lots I've forgotten and even what I've remembered is totally out of any sequence.

...The first Thursday of the month is our Acorn craft day and as it was my first one since the op they made a fuss of me which was lovely.

...O had a sleep over this week. I love that he still climbs into bed with me for a cuddle in the morning. Bedtime story was a classic off my shelf

... We actually managed our family Christmas gathering in mid January, this time hosted by nieceV and her hubby D. They live in Surrey.

...Hubby for SERV has been three nights on rota this month and called out every time.

...lovely lunch out with friends L&K and L&M. Apparently Hubby and I missed the best bit as L&K have a hard-top 2-door convertable which I know from experience isn't the easiest when climbing in and out of the back, and when they arrived L did a most spectacular fall out of the back and was left sprawled across the car park! No help or sympathy just a lot of screaming laughter! They all had starters and desserts but I really can't manage that much any more so just had a main course and even left a little of that. Lots of news to share so a good catch-up all round.

...Our new mattress is deeper that the previous one and sheets don't tuck in so go baggy on top, so I've added a substantial border around all sides to the sheets so they fit better. Only done two so far but that's still a lot of machining.

...made some cards, first two was because I needed them before having time to go out and buy some, then I did three more because I'd been so pleased with the result. Yes they were all the same but three were birthdays, one was a get well soon and the third a sympathy card.

...I suffered a bit with BPPV for a week. This is a form of vertigo that mostly makes me dizzy when lying down in bed. I would normally do the Epley Maneuver but as I'm still getting a little internal pain I didn't want to chance it, but thankfully it went by itself.

...lovely lunch out with friends R&S. These are very good friends and we've always plenty to chat about.

...and our usual Wednesday night gang have had a bargain start to the year with the 2-4-1 discount vouchers at Prezzo used three weeks and a 2-4-1 carvery one week as well.

...and I've just redone the Crete holiday post from last October as I could only find scrappy notes in draft, which has now replaced the finished post I'd actually done but was hiding!!!


Michelle said...

If you get to the point where you need to buy new sheets I can recommend Wilko's Best at £15. "Luxuriously soft and smooth
Quick drying
Woven from exceptionally fine yarns
Our Wilko Best flexi-fit king size fitted sheet in solid sateen white is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and offers the very best in luxury bedding. This great quality fitted sheet is crafted from luxurious Egyptian cotton with a 300 thread count and elastane trim for a super-soft feel and breathable finish. Its flexi-fit technology will ensure a better fit for standard and deeper mattress sizes and gives a wrinkle free appearance."

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Michelle, they sound very luxurious. I'll certainly remember for next time. At the moment my sheets are all too good to replace, hence the extensions.