Saturday, 27 May 2017

Theatre: Our Man in Havana......

Presented by Creative Cow 
By Graham Greene
Adapted by Clive Francis

“You should dream more, Mr. Wormold. Reality in our century is not something to be faced.” 
Graham Greene, Our Man in Havana

Cuba 1958. Meet Jim Wormold – a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman who gets sucked in to a dirty world of espionage and double agents when the chance of helping out MI6 with a job or two proves too good an offer to resist. And, quite frankly, he could do with the cash to pay for his teenage daughter’s ever increasing lifestyle. 

Thrillingly adapted for the stage by Clive Francis, this uproarious farce is filleted to perfection from Graham Greene’s hilarious, subversive and ever popular novel.


Hmmmm well the positives were four actors who absolutely worked their socks off and portrayed so many different characters amongst them. 

The premise of the story could have been hilarious but the execution was actually boring. The scenes were far too short and because they didn't achieve anything in the rushed and confused dialogue the actors had to supplement with words to the audience to tell us what's going on. And  for scene changes the constant movement of a table/desk and chairs was distracting. 

Billed as a farce but no laugh out loud moments and all played at the same manic pace so no highs or lows. A missed opportunity as it could have been really good. 

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