Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hope you don't mind.......

This is one of those times when I don't really need to write down all about today's lovely walk through a park I've never been to before, or say about Daughter's early message invite to join her and O on this lovely sunny day. "I'll come get you, pack yourself some lunch, we are meeting our friend there" she said.

So after the inevitable what-shall-I-wear debate, not knowing if sunshine means warm or not we set off and arrived after our friend had already had time to buy and drink her first cuppa. Lovely hugs as I hadn't seen her for some time. Lots to chat about, fun in the maze, finding the panda, O setting riddles and wanting passwords, picnic in the play area and baby ducks in the pond but no photos.

Of course I don't need to write it here as our friend is my blog-buddy so she knows it all already!

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Michelle said...

:-) Xxxxx fab day. Was so lovely to see you.

(Still liked reading it!)