Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Diss Organ Festival.......

Sunday morning was a damp grey day and Hubby was out for the day meeting friends. He had been out all day Saturday doing his charity work too so when the weather brightened up and Daughter mentioned on Facebook that she was going out I invited myself along.

Daughter, O and I went to Diss in Norfolk for this...

There were an amazing collection of organs of all shapes and sizes, playing all varieties of music. They were mostly surrounding a large park land field but carried on through the high street too.

I can't take any credit for these photos as Daughter took them all and I've stolen them.

It was as much fun seeing the workings round the backs as it was admiring the pretty painted fronts. This mechanical one had to be continuously turned by hand.

As we walked passed the beautiful lake we bumped into Daughter's friends and stopped for a brief chat till a bored O dragged us away.

We called into St Marys church to have a look around and admired their organ pipes too. 

Lunch was in a Costa, O's choice as he knows what he likes in there. 

Then we walked on to the museum. A lovely small space that was crammed full of interesting things. Hands-on curios to investigate and the elderly volunteer on the desk came over especially to make sure O knew it was ok to touch and eagerly encouraged him. 

After walking back towards the lake and stopping in the queue for icecreams we bumped into other friends I knew and O enjoyed saying hello to their dogs. 

The Loades family, who are very well known locally, have done an amazing clean up job on their heritage model fairground which is now fully working and was here on show for the first time since the 80's. The smaller chap in the photo is about forth generation "fairground Loades" (I think) and so eager to follow us in to explain all the exhibits to us. 

And although there were very few fairground type games O still managed to ring the bell twice on this one to win himself a prize. 

A lovely day out :-)

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Michelle said...

Fabulous sounding day. Inspired me! Think I'll take C to the organ museum in St Albans when she's done with exams.