Friday, 4 November 2016

Theatre: Pride and Prejudice.......

For description I've copied the article from the East Anglia Daily Times review by Andrew Clarke

      Pride and Prejudice is one of the great classic novels, filled with comedy. drama and romance and a vast cast of memorable characters. The idea that this complex, passionate story could be told with just two actors seems ludicrous and yet it works brilliantly.
      Husband and wife team Joannah Tincey and Nick Underwood just sparkle as they lead the audience on a joyous romp through this much-loved Georgian classic.
      Not only do Tincey and Underwood transform themselves into all the characters with a subtle shift in body language or the addition of a hat or an unbuttoning of a coat but the beauty of Austen’s language has also been preserved. The characters not only speak their dialogue but provide a commentary on the action, a narration supplied by Austen via the novel.
      The abstract set resembles an exploded Georgian country house and provides a perfect backdrop for the fun, fast-paced nature of the show. Tincey and Underwood deliver a galaxy of strong, diverse characters, all of which have a twinkle in their eye and makes for a wonderful night at the theatre.


Wow, this was amazing! And I really couldn't add to the review above without just repeating how clever the two actors are at putting across each slight difference for so many characters.

My only criticism is with The New Wolsey Theatre for not actually mentioning the actors by name in their brochure or on their website. I had to search and look at various websites including Two Bit Classics Productions which is the company name. That's how I came across the review above.

So just because they totally deserve further applause, "Well done Joanna Tincey and Nick Underwood, you did an amazing job, my friends and I were truly entertained".


Michelle said...

If I were to move anywhere, being in striking distance of your theatre would be on my to consider list. Off to the theatre on Tuesday (London) so we are looking forward to that.

Apparently the stage being constructed at the cinema is due to open shortly :-). I am hoping for interesting plays there.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Oh yes never take it for granted, we know how lucky we are. Have fun Tuesday, look forward to reading your review.