Friday, 28 October 2016

Another sad goodbye.......

This has taken me some time to write!

Sunday 16th October Hubby's only brother, my bilM, died aged just 66.

It all happened quite quickly. About four weeks before, he started to suffer dizzy spells and they discovered very low blood pressure and very low sodium levels and he was kept in hospital. Medication was struggling to restore his levels but the doctors didn't actually know why it had happened. Then he got a chest infection, (which may have already been brewing).

For the last week he took a turn for the worse and was moved into ITU and fully sedated with breathing apparatus, but stronger medication didn't help enough and his organs started to fail. Earlier on that last Sunday Hubby, with M's wife and his daughter together with the doctors discussed all options and made the very difficult decision to let him go in the most comfortable and dignified way.

Hubby's family have never been close in the way I think of as close but it suited them. It was only the brothers and their dad that even kept in touch and it didn't seem to bother any of them if contact ended up going weeks before someone did. They just knew if they were needed someone would pick up the phone.  Uncles, aunts and cousins never contacted them either so obviously just the way they all wanted it to be. Hubby's dad died in 2009 and now his brother so the only blood relations that Hubby even knows the whereabouts of are our own children!

Because of bilM's quite sudden death the coroner needed to complete a full investigation, so long delays, however today we finally heard from his wife that the funeral is booked for 9th November when we can finally say our goodbyes.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry. That is so sudden and young. Very difficult xx My friend (who is in her 70's) had very low sodium levels and was very, very poorly in hospital for weeks but she pulled through and is fine now. I think she is a rare case though. I don't really understand the sodium stuff - we are being told to eat less salt but then I hear of people extremely ill with low sodium and think there must be a connection somehow. I might do a bit of researching on it if I ever get the blog up to date. We are always telling my dad to not add salt to his meals but maybe if he never added salt at all he would be ill (given he has always added salt).

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you. All new to us too, from what I understand sodium in your blood is not salt that's sodium chloride and eating too much salt in your diet is still very bad and you can't increase the sodium levels in your blood by adding salt on your food. What lowers sodium levels can be kidney or liver problems so not processing your blood in the right way, or even drinking too much fluids so actually flushing it away. Best thing I think is to have regular blood pressure checks and if it's high or low investigate and hopefully anything wrong can be dealt with quickly.