Thursday, 17 November 2016


In general I seem to have fewer and fewer blog posts to read, I've had to have a check and yes for some I've lost the link and thankfully I'm still reading from a few regulars which I love, but maybe blogging is generally becoming less fashionable or are people just moving to other social media platforms?

Then I realised that actually I'm totally guilty myself and even my posts have longer gaps between them now!

So what's been happening? Lots of childcare lately as Daughter has had some paid work. O had a sleepover here.  Some crafting, finally finished knitting the second cushion cover that's been hanging around for ever (still not sewn yet though). Found another craft group on facebook and I'm wasting far too much time browsing the lovely things others have made. E has now gone from veggy to vegan so I've been researching and trying some recipes. Cleared the ironing more than once (flaming pile keeps coming back). We've been out to dinner with friends, had a lunch out with a neighbour and also met a very old friend for drinks as he was passing through Ipswich. There has also been a dental checkup this week too (all fine for me, even managed an xray as they have a new machine).

Hubby is really busy, he's been doing lots of big gardening, pruning trees and shrubs, shredding and bagging, leaf raking and bagging, filling our's and our neighbour's brown bins and still needing to do tip runs. He has also cleared up lots of leaves for our neighbour as she is in Papworth Hospital and he has to do the journey there and back every day which is about 1hr 15mins each way if there are no traffic problems and that's rare. Obviously the neighbour wasn't there when the heating engineer came to fix their heating, so Hubby was in there sorting that too.

We've had the water conditioning system serviced, that may have been the cause for reduced water pressure upstairs (takes an age to fill the bath) so Hubby called in Homecare as we have insurance with them. The first guy couldn't find a problem and left, so Hubby called them again and the next guy seemed more willing to try different things and he spent quite some time forcing water through the pipes but did tell us we would need to update tanks and stuff, he left. A couple of days later Hubby noticed a leaky toilet upstairs, bought and fitted replacement bits and it still leaked so bought something else which did the trick, then that evening we noticed the downstairs loo had come out in sympathy and developed a drip, bless him he sorted that too.

Yesterday we did the trip to Papworth to visit our neighbour but even that wasn't straightforward, we'd travelled about three miles when we noticed Hubby's car go past on a low loader (his had been insurance repaired and we were in a loan car), it was obviously being delivered back a day before arranged, so we turned around and followed it home, the delivery chap was very grateful that we had but we were now 20 mins later.....then a traffic jam added another 30 mins to that, so a much shorter visit than we'd hoped grrrr.

Today has also been an everything-at-once day. Daughter needed to take the girls to college but product tracking showed her new washing machine was being delivered early so she asked Hubby to come over at 8:30am as she wanted him to connect it up too. Meanwhile I got the call to say British Gas were coming for 9:30am to install Hive. Hubby came home so did Daughter and O to sort out the dried out clay stuff and get it in the kiln, we took in a parcel for next door, the loan car was inspected and collected, the gas man finished, we all had lunch, now Hubby and Daughter have left to play with the washing machine and O is deeply engrossed with Mario, so I've used this little time to blog hahaha.


Michelle said...

Very long blogpost posted today at mine (still being back dated but uploaded today - before reading this post from you!)

MumB / @mumbosh said...

You can always be relied on Michelle 😆
I'm off to have a read!
Is it my imagination or are there fewer bloggers now?

Michelle said...

Far fewer bloggers. FB has taken away the motivation I think. And some people started monetising their blogs which changed the blogging landscape slightly as it skewed authenticity. If people post FB updates all the time they haven't anything new to write about on a blog. I also think how people connect socially online has changed with FB. I've heard some say that they don't feel comfortable blogging about their children when they get older but there are things to blog about that wouldn't meaning compromising children's privacy. But I like blogs and don't do FB (other than checking M's FB as he has FB but doesn't check it - then he missed some re-enacting related stuff, so I now check it for him but can get a bit obsessed so blocked it on my phone, so now only seeing his FB on the laptop). Clo likes me blogging and if too long goes by she will prod me to start again, it makes her feel loved :-). Tho I do check with her on things I think could be contentious. So got her to proof read the last post in case I'd got something wrong or she wanted to take something out (she said it was fine and nothing needed to come out so it is there in its entirety). I am always happy to edit/remove if anyone doesn't like what I post.

Michelle said...

Reading that back it sounds as if I have had a few drinks but haven't had one!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Hahaha didn't read like a drunken ramble. Agree that those that use fb, twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram etc can't have anything left to blog. I'm ancient so happy to have just an online diary.