Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Theatre: Stones In His Pockets.........

A quiet Irish village is turned upside down with the arrival of a Hollywood film crew looking for the ‘real’ Ireland for their schmaltzy blockbuster. A pair of extras watch with envy and delight as cultures clash, divas strop, and everyone fights over the last portion of pie!
Two actors play eccentric and lovable characters in this universally loved comic theatre sensation. Written with poignancy, and performed at breakneck pace, this play has made deep connections with audiences worldwide.

Director’s Note
Stones in His Pockets is the most theatrical of theatre experiences – not because it’s showy and glitzy, but because it has at its heart the alchemy of the actor’s performance. Two actors embody two whole communities of people – a rural Irish village, and a Hollywood film crew – in all of their vivid, eccentric glory. Before our eyes without so much as a costume change, the actors transform from character to character – the stage feels crowded with people. It is a magic trick full of delight and discovery, endless hilarity and astonishing skill. Stones in His Pockets has become an internationally renowned and deeply loved play because of both the simple delight of its playful form, and the deep poignant heart and feel for a disappearing rural world that lies beneath.
John Terry, Director


This theatre trip wasn't with my usual theatre friends it was just R and I as last Christmas as part of our present to R she had a voucher for three theatre trips with Grandma and three curry nights with Granddad and this was 1of 3 with me.

We both really enjoyed this. Just two actors, not only masses of dialogue to learn but swapping characters all the time. Director's note above says it all really. What impressed me most was that once we had met a character we then recognised them immediately by just body language or facial expression!

R (reluctant to critique) said "It was good. End was a bit weird."

Totally separate to my usual theatre reviews I have to mention another main talking point of our evening out together. As every family member or close friend knows I have absolutely no sense of direction. Son used to say "mum you get lost coming out of the bathroom". The Mercury Theatre in Colchester is about 35 mins drive away from home and I've been there many many times, mostly with someone else driving or someone directing me when I've driven.......this time I set up my satnav. We got there so easy and I recognised it all that I didn't bother setting up the satnav for the journey home BIG MISTAKE!  Thank goodness R can read road signs and had some idea of where we were and where we needed to be or I'd probably still be driving around now!

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Lovely time out together.