Monday, 30 May 2016

And in other news........

Lots has been going on and I've not had much time to blog so here's another condensed catch up.

Our beautiful granddaughters R and E have had another birthday, they are now 14. How did those years fly by so fast?
This is my favourite photo and favourite memory ever
And we tried to recreate it but R ran away hahaha

Out for a lovely lunch together then back for desserts with candles

I was out with my usual Wednesday friends in our usual pub. Normally I would bring friendDJ but he'd had a fall the night before and although unhurt was still feeling wobbly. He text me Friday to say he was in hospital. He'd survived prostate cancer and over a year ago he was told his lung cancer was terminal, they've now discovered a tumour on his brain and can not offer any treatment! So very sad. I've been visiting him in hospital as often as I can. 

Met up with friendAN for lunch. She lives way up in Norfolk so we each drove for an hour to meet half way in Framlingham. We haven't had a proper catch up for about two years so lots and lots to chat about. Time whizzed by and I had to leave as it was the same day I took R to theatre in Woodbridge so lots of driving. 

FriendsL&K suggested we visit Kentwell Hall for their Multiperiod event. It was great weather and so lovely walking around the beautiful estate talking to people from stone age to Victorians to WW1 soldiers, to punk rockers and all eras in between. It was odd Daughter and children not being there as Tudors (they are on holiday) but I was told to introduce myself to "Terry in the 70's" as he knows daughter well when he has a different name and Tudor persona. When I found him he gave me a huge hug and congratulated me on giving birth to Daughter who he said is wonderful but totally mad! Lots of photos here!

There's also been lots of gardening at every chance as the weather had been quite good. Takes a lot to keep on top of it! Unfortunately my clever strawberry planter wasn't so clever as we came home yesterday to find it had fallen over, rescued all the pots and the plants all look ok but I'll have to rethink the stacking. 
On a positive idea I'd planted a few tomato slices (a tomato had gone a bit soft and I couldn't use it quick enough) and today I need to prick out these lovely new plants

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