Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ladies That Rock......

My lovely friendJ (from way back childhood) told me early last year that so disappointed with her local social/educational groups like WI or U3A etc not being what she wanted she decided with another friend of hers to start up their own group. They've called it Ladies That Rock.  It is for ladies of a certain age (whatever that is), there will be no regular meetings so no need for a venue, so no need for a subscription! There will be no rules and no form filling! However there will be lots of opportunities to meet up and do all sorts of things together, basically if you have a good idea for something to do then friendJ will email all members and if there is sufficient interest then go ahead and organise it.

FriendJ so wants me to be a part of this group and I so want to be a part of this group, however they all live in the same village or very near by and I live an hours drive away! So I've said to include me on all the emails and when I can I will.

It has been a great success with about 60 members now.
So far...
They've been on lots of walks followed by lots of lunches.
Had a tour up inside Big Ben and round the House of Commons
Running a book club
Had a table at the village hall quiz night
Meal out then cinema
....either dates have clashed with my diary or events not suitable while my knees are bad    :-(

Last night was Pot Luck get together, hosted by friendJ with everyone taking food. Yaay my first opportunity to join in. It was really lovely, attended by about 20 ladies providing enough food for 100 hahaha. We actually sat out in the garden for most of the evening, all adding our jumpers and scarves etc as the night got cooler. Lots of chatting and mixing anyway but there was a prepared game to help with the mingling, it was a secret murder game so as each person arrived we were embellished with our own name sticker and asked to select a folded piece of paper from the bowl, on it was written a name at the top and a random word at the bottom, your mission was to find that named person and engage them in conversation hopefully steering then round to saying that random word and if the did they were dead. Any unfulfilled challenge that dead person still has they pass on to their killer. The person that murdered me managed a total of five notches on her weapon handle by the end of the night (apparently she's played this many times before). Another lady created a sort of pass-the-parcel type game which didn't involve unwrapping layers but passing it around guided by her poem, for instance now pass it to the youngest or the person that has travelled the furthest (that was me) which meant lots of conversations asking each other if it's them, tallest and shortest were obvious ones of course. Lots of laughter for both games.  A really lovely evening with really friendly welcoming people. Shame about the long drive home.

Future events coming up there is. ..
A wine tasting at a vineyard
Cinema trip
Possibly a day trip to France (if they can get a good price)
Visit to the Geffry Museum in London
More walls and more lunches no doubt.
.......hopefully I'll get to join them again for a few of these.


Michelle said...

Love those games - will tell C about them as she has to organise Ice breaker activities for the cadet weekend courses.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Good idea. I'll see if I can get a copy of the pass-the-parcel poem.

Michelle said...

Thank you! Would be great x

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Sent the poem to your email xx