Thursday, 15 October 2015

The jury is out......

Last week and this week we've mostly been available for childcare because Daughter was called for jury service. She knew when to turn up on day one and we made lots of arrangements but it didn't all go to plan. Some of the time we had children here, sometimes just O, sometimes Hubby took Daughter to the court and she finished lunchtime and sometimes she wasn't needed in at all. She did get one case to sit in on. One day I'd arranged to go into town shopping with the children but O wanted to stay home with Granddad, the girls didn't need me to shop with them so we arranged where to meet when done and then Daughter finished early so meet me in town and I stopped shopping to spend time in the coffee shop together. That was her last day. She said apart from all the waiting around she enjoyed the experience and found it interesting. Hubby had done jury service twice, but I've never been called.

The other main news for me this week is good news. My last CT scan (only 3 weeks ago) showed up something on my left kidney (my only remaining kidney) that the consultant was concerned about. He recommended a biopsy which has to be put to the consultants' committee meeting and they decided that because "kidneys are famous for moving when poked" (their words) it would be tricky because the something they needed to get a bit of is very small. So I was sent for a full MRI Scan first. As you can imagine I've been more than a bit worried! Apparently they all discuss the scan images at the committee meeting too! I got a phone call followed by a letter to say the scan has very clearly shown it to be a renal cyst and no treatment is necessary YAAY!  Follow up blood test and appointment in six months and next routine CT scan in a year!


Michelle said...

I am glad about your kidney. :-).

I've been called for jury service twice. The first time I was already doing work for a set of chambers and so didn't do the service (they won't let you). The second time Clo was little. They don't provide childcare and didn't want me to bring her with me so I couldn't do it without M taking time off work. This would be fine if you knew you'd only get a one or two day case but you have no idea what you're going to get and some cases go on for a very long time. So I got exempted again.

At college I gate crashed the A level law course just because I was interested. Took nearly the first term for the tutor to realise I shouldn't be there. It was interesting.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks :-)

I've done a bit of business law when doing a Business GNVQ and touched on a bit of civil law verses criminal law when doing Sociology and all very interesting. Would hate having to remember set precedence by previous cases so would never study it further. I've also had more of an insight into our legal system by my sister who was a magistrate for many many years. I wouldn't want that sort of responsibility though!