Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Photos never lie......

....well that's a lie for a start!

Mmmmm you might think, she's made a yummy bread pudding!

However after two and a half hours in the oven it's still soggy in the middle, so I cut and scooped portions onto a baking tray and they went back for another 45 mins and the middles of those still haven't dried out! Crikey if I'd just put a pan of water in for that long I'm sure it would have all evaporated.

So what's gone wrong?

I used to make bread pudding a lot and mostly it was a chuck unmeasured ingredients in and out came afternoon tea, but this time I used an online recipe. I thawed my frozen bread crusts (hate waste and useful frozen for breadcrumbs too), there was double the amount the recipe called for so I doubled everything else. My only other change was the water I soaked the bread in was made into tea first as that was always the way I used to do it and it adds a good flavour.

So, any suggestions for very soggy pudding before it hits the bin?


Michelle said...

C made disastrous flapjack once. We blamed the silicon baking tray.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

I can't seem to get good or even consistent pancakes now and I really think it's the induction hob!

Michelle said...

My mum has two ovens. Both bought at same time and sane make. She said she was sure one wasn't working properly from when she first started using it but a new oven so was told she needed to get used to it. She persisted in saying something not right, called for engineer under warranty. The service engineer said nothing wrong with it. She still had issues with undercooked food and eventually got an oven thermometer to put inside to prove the temperature inside the oven was not reaching what the display said. They replaced the oven.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

I've cooked on gas for over 30 years and only since this new kitchen switched to electric. Love the hob (excluding pancakes) but the ovens are definitely taking some "getting used to".