Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween fly past.....

Traditions are the things we always do and look forward to doing, some of which are totally unique to me and mine, especially Halloween which I started doing my way so my children had the fun and the treats without door knocking which I've often thought of as begging with menace!

However, things change and this year Son had booked for him and Hubby to have a Brands Hatch rally event as a belated father's day present.

Daughter had told me there was an amazing event happening in Colchester that they were going to. So we bought some sweets for our local trick or treaters (I don't object to others for knocking just don't like mine doing it) and planned for a home alone day.

Son and Hubby left at 7am and by 11:30am they were on their way home having had a great time. So I told them to shop for lunch on the way back (about a two hour drive).

Meanwhile Daughter had asked if I would mind having R as she was full of cold and had a bad headache so was disappointed not to go to the Halloween event but couldn't cope. Hubby picked her up on their way back and the first thing she did was find our spooky decorations and spent quite a while sticking ghosts and spider webs to the windows and doors, these are homemade bits the children have made over the years and saved on the top shelf in a paper carrier bag, more special than anything bought!

Then another phone call from Daughter to say O was crying and insisted that she phone grandma because he didn't want to miss our usual Halloween, which can't happen anywhere else! And during that conversation E said she really didn't want to go without her siblings, so both costumed they came here instead.

Daughter brought dinner and before they came R and I rushed round to find the black sheet/tablecloth and candles and skull, cobwebs and spiders. Son shot out to Asda for more sweets and special drinks and toffee apples. 

After dinner we headed out to our dark garden with torches and looked up to see if there were any witches flying on their way to a party (we're on the flight path you know) and because broomsticks don't have shopping baskets or boots we usually find those greedy witches are carrying far too much party food and often drop some on the grass which we are happy to collect up! 

That's a mini carved sharon fruit as they'd run out of pumpkins lol. 
Traditions restored and life is normal :-)


Michelle said...

Lovely! When C was very small, she went trick or treating with a friend. The friend lives on a footpath and her mum had already asked the ppl living along the slip whether they would mind if the girls dressed up and knocked on their doors to give cakes ( the girls had baked hallowe'en cupcakes so instead of getting, they were giving- they did get given some sweets in return but they didn't expect to). It was all very neighbourly.

In our courtyard, the dad next door asked us a couple of years if we would mind if their boys knocked on our door, which was fine and I got sweets in for them.

However, I really don't like it, especially unaccompanied groups of youths I don't know on my doorstep. I do feel intimidated. It's best if they follow the rule of no pumpkin, no trick or treating. So we end up hiding in our own house! We were away this year. Somehow didn't feel so worried in someone else's town.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

My brother-in-law is late 70s and lives alone and hates opening the door but if he doesn't they throw eggs at the window (he doesn't live in a very nice neighbourly area). Shame they don't all follow the etiquette of no pumpkin no knocking.