Monday, 3 March 2014

Travel broadens the mind....

We are so very lucky to have family and friends that want to holiday with us. This year we now have three holidays booked!

In April we are going on a Mediterranean cruise with friendsL+K. We went over to theirs last Thursday (an hours drive away) so we could sit together and book the excursions, it would be dreadful if we found ourselves on different trips by mistake wouldn't it?

SisterS and bilK want to holiday with us again this August and they are happy to stay in the UK this time because they know I'm rubbish in the heat of August abroad (I'm very grateful). We started looking at hotels but they are so expensive for two weeks which is why I guess most people go abroad when here it's a gamble with the weather! Lots of internet searching for self catering instead and searching in Wales as sisterS has never been to Wales. Eventually I found a cottage in Pembrokeshire that we all liked so I phoned and booked it, yaay!

Then I had to do it all again as friendsN+T had suggested we holiday together and we managed to just about synchronise 10 free days in June...then they left in their camper to spend a couple of months away and said they'd be more than happy for me to just find somewhere and book it without waiting for their approval as they'd have very limited internet access! Big responsibility!

Because friendN won't fly we are staying in the UK and I really liked the idea of the Isle of Wight and found 4 very good holiday cottages to choose from but knew that the big music festival would interrupt the end of our planned days and when I phoned to book they said a Wednesday to Wednesday stay would cost double the normal rate that should have a Friday changeover grrrr. I then checked with my son who has done the festival a few times and he confirmed that when the festival is on the island roads become a traffic jam nightmare and the ferries are full of smelly people hahaha decided to give it a miss!

Fingers crossed that the holiday let I found and now booked and paid for in Littlehampton, West Sussex will be perfect.

Add to the what, where and how much dilemmas I also had the added challenges of searching on a tablet that refused to let me use the filters on the holiday search sites, it teased by letting me think it would then shutting the browser, and so I had to fire up the old laptop which is soooo slow,  and after bookings and receiving the confirmation emails I had to fire up the laptop again as this tablet won't print. So broadening the mind it may well do, and narrowing the bank balance it definitely does, but stretching the patience to its extreme at least will soon be forgotten.

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