Sunday, 16 March 2014

I need to do this.....

How easy it is to let things slide, to take time out cos you can't be bothered or just to make excuses, however, I've not written much lately more because I've had nothing much to record apart from medical updates and that could be depressing if I let it, which of course I won't!

But I do need to diary because that's what I do, and after a good roast dinner today with Daughter&co all here, and now all alone I'm feeling quite content so it's as good a time as any eh?

As for the medical update, previous post was called "head, shoulders, knees and toes" and even though there was nothing wrong with my shoulders at the time.....spoke too soon and have had really bad pain in my left shoulder blade down my back and the top of my arm, came on one day and lasted a couple of days then went, so I'm assuming I'd pulled a muscle or similar. Had the results of the MRI scan on my head and was very pleased to hear the inner ear is all clear but of course I still have the uncomfortable feelings in my head so now being referred for Vestibular Balance testing which I thought a bit odd as I've no problem with balance at all, but at least it may eliminate what the problem isn't. Knee pain is being tolerated just now, really think my GP forgot to do the referral to the knee clinic but I'm happy to deal with everything else for now. And the ingrown toenail was surgically fixed and is healing very nicely. Only other thing is I'm waiting for an appointment at the hospital renal unit but my GP did say it would take a while.

On to other stuff.....I had a lovely sleepover catchup with friendHG Friday and as she lives the other side of Essex I left home early and fitted in a visit to NieceL too as I hadn't seen her for months. On Saturday morning we both went to her son (I've known him from birth) as he was viewing two flats and a house for a possible move and wanted his mum's opinion and asked mine too even though I was keeping quiet and just enjoying the nose around. The properties are all within an exclusive gated estate so very posh and interesting.

The rest has been the usual out with friends, and Daughter &children here for some lunches, some jam making that ended up more like a sauce, some very yummy bread making that I was proud to take as a dinner party contribution, lots of playing Words with Friends (online scrabble) and a bit of shopping for things we need for the cruise which is less than four weeks away now! And that's it you're up to date :-)

*** Oops, day later edit because my head isn't what it should be and I forgot to mention that the ENT Consultant recommended another eye test so I booked into Specsavers and my prescription hasn't changed at all so they did a complete refit on one if my pairs of glasses to see if that was the problem, definitely improved vision but still makes my head hurt. Also seems I now have an underactive thyroid that has medication but I may have mentioned that before just can't remember along with everything else I forget!

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