Friday, 28 March 2014

Another manic catch-up....

Haven't written for about a dozen days so this could be a longish catch-up, go make a coffee first but do come back :-)

Change of phones was needed as mine had an almost invisible crack in the glass meaning that some of the time I could type or select an icon and sometimes it needed to be tilted or turned continuously to avoid gobbledygook and sometimes nothing worked but a bloody good shake! I tried to avoid texting in public :-) So when hubby replaced his he unlocked his old one and gave it to me, and so the process of getting used to a different way and transferring stuff and deleting stuff and creating links for synchronisation etc, which frankly doesn't come easy to me so all takes Hubby's phone had some problems of its own which is why he replaced it. I'm getting there :-)

Baking bread is giving me pleasure these days and my focaccia is improving each time.

Lots of children times which has been lovely. They've all been here together for lunches a lot more recently and they've been here separately too when they haven't all needed to be in the same place elsewhere. Only day we didn't enjoy quite so much was O with me for a whole day and suffering with a bit of toothache, when a boy needs his mum a grandma with calpol and lots of distractions fits the bill only about 80%.

We've been getting regular visits from a heron to our pond. And although they are beautiful elegant birds they eat our fish and churn up the murky yucky muddy water from the bottom and hubby has had to rebuild the pond twice because of leaks which we think may have been due to a heron's beak, so lots of deterrents have been tried like string on sticks then ropes on fences and a plastic heron on guard and now it's heavy wire mesh just above the water. The wanted wildlife can still get in and out but it doesn't look a particularly natural feature anymore :-(

My social life seems to revolve around food! Out to lunch twice this week and out to dinner twice too. Holiday only two weeks away and I won't fit into any of my nice clothes!

Hubby has been on-call lots all March for the voluntary blood running he does, in fact he is out on a call right now.

Online scrabble is becoming a bit of an addiction. I can't sit down at home without checking if it's my turn, which it invariably is as I've so many games on the go. But brain exercise is just as important as physical exercise (ok I need more physical) so I'm justifying the time spent.

I've actually bought a long dress for my holiday and you have no idea what a major thing that is for me. I don't do dresses, but it's a cruise so I thought I should. Yesterday I finally got round to getting Daughter to pin the length for me and we discovered that a wonky body needs a wonky hem!!!

 We had an email the other day to say our cruise itinerary has changed so a little change of our pre-booked excursions was needed as they have cancelled Tunisia. The explanation was that the last time they docked there no Isrealy nationals were allowed to disembark. Norwegian Cruise Line stated that as they will never tolerate any form of racism they will never include Tunisia on their cruises again. I'm all for that attitude so well done NCL.

So we have a very busy April ahead.We are having to postpone a mother's day lunch to Tuesday as Daughter has a hectic weekend.  There is the Dancing On Ice tour at Wembly we are taking our granddaughters to. The medieval banquet and London hotel overnight we are doing with two other couples. The holiday for nearly two weeks. Two evenings at the theatre. A concert at Snape (E doing solos in that). Plus our usual coffee morning for our neighbours. AND the clocks go forward so it will feel like we've got so much to fit in with less time hahaha.


Michelle said...

Lots of lovely things to look forward too :-).

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Yes Michelle, how lucky I am :o)