Monday, 27 January 2014

Diary and dairy....

Nothing much has happened worth an interesting blog post, mainly due to yucky weather, but here's an update anyway more to keep the momentum of my diary going I think.

Well given my choice to stay indoors in the warm has meant I finished the third handbag and that one is now my favourite.

I'm making my way through the ironing, which I have to admit to being the highest pile ever. Having painful knees and then the kidney op gave me the perfect excuse not to stand at the ironing board so the pile grew and grew and even when I finally got back to doing about an hours worth at a time it went down a bit but then up a bit with the next machine load. The good thing at least is I'm looking for alternatives to wear and either giving long forgotten favourites a night out or committing to the charity bag something that has obviously shrunk in the wardrobe!

Another job I've been tackling is sorting my "What Room". It has that name as it used to be my son's bedroom, then was just a guest room, then O had his daytime naps in there and starts in that bed on sleepovers, but we can't call it O's Room as I have my fitted desk in there and all my arts and crafts stuff......hence a name that covers it all :o)
Another job that will take forever as I'm far too easily distracted by arty-crafty ideas, which is how I came to make the denim bag.

In the kitchen I've made more plum jam tarts and a roast dinner yesterday for Daughter, M and the children followed by a plum upside down sponge.

I have actually ventured out a few times, Tuesday during the day I went to the ENT department at the hospital (yes I have tinnitus and no they don't know why my head feels uncomfortable so referring me for an MRI scan) at night was a meal out with friends and we went to the Beefeater as I had loyalty card points to use which gave us £20 off the bill plus a free bottle of wine, so a nice cheap night. Wednesday night I was out eating Italian with friends and Thursday was an art night followed by the truck stop of course, this time our men went bowling while we were at art and they got to the truck stop before us.

Now I'm going to note this here just for the record really, but it may turn out that I'm writing/thinking total nonsense! Last weekend I had that awful stomach bug that is doing the rounds just now, so didn't want to eat or drink much for Friday or Saturday but to save dehydration I was drinking weak hot blackcurrant.  By Sunday and feeling so much better I still couldn't fancy anything dairy, I would normally have at least two very white  coffees in the morning and a bowl of porridge or weetabix with lots of milk, because women of a certain age need calcium right? Anyway by Tuesday /Wednesday I realised that I didn't have quite so many aches and pains as normal and especially noticed less in my knees! It may be shear coincidence but my plan is to keep to a reduced dairy intake till the end of February then introduce it all back again and see what happens!


Michelle said...

Eeking to MRI scan but glad they are referring you. Sorry you've been so ill too. You need a run of good health!

Forgot to say I thought your bags were fab. x

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thanks Michelle, I'm proud of my bags as a crochet first! I'm very positive that the more I understand my health issues the more they will improve, doesn't hurt to keep our fingers crossed too lol x