Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy as a hermit.....

I know it probably isn't the healthiest way to live but it's so wild wet and windy outside that I'm only venturing out when necessary and the heating is on constant mmmm cosy :o)

We saw in the new year with our lovely friends and neighbours P&A. They were overnight babysitting their grandsons so we waited for a text to say they were settled in bed then we joined them (just had to pop next door). Chinese takeaway and Jools Holland on tv for midnight then over to ITV for the fireworks. We did open the front door to see if any of our neighbours were outside but there was nobody about (not like years ago when the various parties all spilled out for a giant conga line).

My next trip out was on Thursday 2nd for our annual Mother/Daughter day as it's Daughter's birthday and we hit the sales. This year all the trousers she tried on were no good, but she did get a cardigan that was in the sales and a really flattering dress and lovely red ankle boots that were not on sale. We also enjoyed our traditional long lunch. Home via her house to collect M and the children for a roast dinner that Hubby cooked followed by the birthday cake I'd made already.

Saturday we had O here all day and E here some of the time while R had her audition for a local theatre company and Daughter was back and forth playing taxi and returning goods in town and shopping for clothes with the girls and bringing yummy breads for lunch and collecting M and a fish and chips dinner for us all.

Today was of course the first Monday of the month so coffee morning here with our neighbours with everyone wishing each other a happy new year :-)

Hopefully I'll venture out tomorrow evening for my normal girls night with friends, meanwhile I think I'll just curl up here in the warm with my book.


Michelle said...

It has been really wild, wet and windy. Then beautiful blue skies and sunshine every now and again to tease :-)

I'm blogging on the old blog as missing it a little.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Been very funny watching Hubby rush to put on the dishwasher or washing machine every time the sun shines, solar panels have turned him into Scrooge hahaha :-)