Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Time to leave the cave.....

Just like the snowdrops and other spring flowers that are popping up ready to flower, so it feels like people are getting ready to stretch after the winter hibernation and think about meeting up, activities to do and holidays for the months ahead.

We went out with friendsL&K Saturday night and the main topic of conversation was choosing what excursions to book on the April cruise we are doing together.

Sunday friendN rang. They are heading off in their camper van to spend quite a few weeks in the south of France, but as we had mentioned holidaying together in the summer she thought we should synchronise some dates before we both get booked up and can't. Actually she wasn't wrong as even now there were not many opportunities to pencil in much more than a week! So early June we are both saving the same ten days and we'll decide what to do with them nearer the time.

Monday was a very well attended coffee morning of 17 adults and one toddler (with the grandparent on childcare duty). That is the most we've had and the dinning room was a bit noisy and squashed but it was really lovely. There was J who hadn't been up before but she retired at Christmas so hopefully will now be a regular and V who actually moved out of the Close towards the end of last year and he came back to see us all. Someone suggested we ring a bell every half hour to all change seats so we get to all talk to each other, but honestly it would have resembled a game of twister if we'd tried to move around each other with that many chairs squished together hahaha.

Been invited out to lunch with FriendsN&T and FriendsN&N. We all go back to being friends and neighbours when we lived in the same village more than 35 years ago, and now we see each other rarely so it's special when we that's tomorrow.

Tonight (as my usual Wednesday night crowd are not meeting up because two are on holiday, FriendHM and I are going out and can enjoy a proper one-to-one catch up for a change.

And because I noticed that April, May and June are already quite full in my diary I thought I should email FriendHG as we always try to fit in three sleepovers a year but if we don't do the first one sometime in March it will be mid-summer!

Talking of mid-summer, SisterS wanted us to holiday with them again in August but haven't heard from her about it yet, so I'd better check if they still want to.


Michelle said...

We organise a long way ahead too. I quite like it planned out though and we always have something to look forward to :-)

Michelle said...

And you hear people saying they couldn't not work as they'd have nothing to do!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Lol and I don't commit to a lot of daytime things I could just in case I miss a day Daughter+children want to come over! Don't miss going to work one iota ;o)

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Goodness me - you certainly know how to keep busy!
I'm ready for a bit more winter hibernation before Spring arrives (if we don't blow away before then - it's so windy today!).

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Dreadful weather and so want to be under my duvet Hannah but having to brave it brrrrr :)