Thursday, 11 April 2013

Little boy with big ideas.....

We had O here for the day and he arrived with a bag full of things he wants to do.

First out of the bag was the board game Takenoko, says on the box suggested age 13+, O is very nearly 4 :-)  He set everything up and said he would teach me but warned "it is a very long game Grandma". He explained very well (although totally confused me) and when we rolled the 'weather dice' where each face has a different action value he said, "you have to read from the rules for that because I can't read yet you know".

After a while he said we should come back to this a bit later as he wanted to show his next game, Quoridor, which he explained well and played well and beat me even though it's recommend for age 6+.

Then it was time to go out as we needed to buy some bits for the kitchen and look for flooring. O loved the shopping and loved investigating and held hands every time he was asked to. He told us what flooring he liked and what ones he didn’t and loved running up and down the rows of huge carpet rolls. We laughed so much when he announced "B&Q is my favourite shop ever!"

Back home (still only lunchtime) and our friend who does a bit of gardening for us was just about to leave but stayed for a last cuppa, but O stopped him leaving by getting out the bats and a ball and insisting he played tennis (he's a granddad too so happily played).

Finally in for lunch (quite a bit of bargaining over that) then O announced "Because I was outside talking about plants it has given me a very good idea. I want to do a flower picture" then trots off to get the flower presses, paper and glue and we sat and made two lovely flower pictures.

Back to the lounge and back to our paused games and also reading the books he had brought with. Then eventually at about 4:30pm he decided he needed some sit still time and sat with granddad and my tablet to play a few of his games.

I so love having all the children here, however, having just one on their own is always special.

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