Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Construction - part 8....

Now in its 10th week, the kitchen, far from being finished is in a fully operational state (even if I'm not). Yesterday the plasterer returned to do the other part of the dining room ceiling so it now matches the rest.

Which of course means all the dining room furniture looks like this...

We have chosen the wall tiles, which if you look closely you'll notice are not plain white but have 'polo mint' shapes over them, which will just catch the light occasionally.  And after looking at all sorts of borders and being told that the ones I'd found online, kept a picture of but failed to bookmark, were now discontinued by the tile shop  :-(   so we actually decided on this simple chrome trim instead.

We've also chosen (only this morning) the flooring and just waiting for the lovely young salesman to come back with a quote before we actually order it. Silly me forgot to take a photo of it, but here is a poor copy from a webpage....

Hubby has done a bit more plumbing trying to improve the waterflow through the taps, it is a little bit faster but probably not enough of a difference to justify the hassle, but you don't know until you try.

We're still waiting for a replacement cupboard door and drawer front that arrived damaged and replacement cooker hood filters that are two different mesh at the moment and hubby needs to finish fitting the carousel cupboard and of course the dining room needs decorating as soon as the new plaster has dried out but before the new flooring arrives. So still very much his ongoing project!

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