Wednesday, 9 November 2011

To do's done (or not)....

From yesterday's list....

* Huge pile of ironing, = stood for two hours and done about half
* Clean off the office whiteboard = cleaned and started writing up some fun words
* Kitchen worktops = cleared and cleaned
X Kitchen floor needs washing = not yet!
X Minor clothes repairs on the 3 items = not done and discovered there are actually 5 item waiting.
X Clearing my desk of the junk that was thrown on there after the 3-tier trolley collapsed = not yet
X Tidy and sort out the games room stuff. = not yet
* Leaf raking, as it's that time of year. = total success as I got hubby to do this :o)
X Check if the girls still want to keep the balance beam! = haven't seen the girls to ask
X Knitting more little bows = not yet
* Reading my book = yeah enjoyed about 45 mins
X And of course the christmas shopping preparations = not yet
So don't have to hang my head in shame as not too bad after all.

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