Tuesday, 8 November 2011

To do list....

Had a busy few days so need to catch up with stuff like...

* Huge pile of ironing, I even record certain programmes on the TV upstairs to encourage me to stay and do the ironing but somehow it has built into a daunting tower.
* Clean off the office whiteboard as the girls have answered all my questions on there and think of some new questions to write up for them.
* Kitchen worktops need to be cleared and cleaned. Hate to admit that there is still a pan or two from Sunday's dinner waiting for dishwasher space.
* Kitchen floor needs washing as it's still sticky from the toffee making we did on Halloween.
* Minor clothes repairs on the 3 items that have been hanging on a wall bracket upstairs for ages.
* Clearing my desk of the junk that was thrown on there after the 3-tier trolley collapsed
* Tidy and sort out the games room stuff. It's called the games room as apart from the pool table it also has units that are crammed with board games, packs of cards, juggling balls etc, and is also the storage for all arts and crafts stuff which the children often get out but rarely put away properly.
* Leaf raking, as it's that time of year. Don't mind them all over the grass actually, but they build up all round the water butt and rusting bbq that look so messy and also in the under-cover patio they build up in the corner all round the table and chairs. Doesn't help that a very heavy oak balance beam is stored under there too from the girl's gymnastics days!
* %That reminded me - check if the girls still want to keep the balance beam!
* Knitting more little bows as the girls wanted to put on a stall for Children In Need and little bows to put on hair slides and broach pins was their favourite idea but they have done very few so I said I would do some for them to help.
* Reading my book.......tricky when I sit for short amounts of time and then my lap has either food, laptop or knitting on it.
* And of course the christmas shopping preparations, lists and shop browsing and buying!!! This year 2 of my sisters and I are planning a shopping day together to buy about 30 presents to give in almost a secret santa sort of way. Never done it this way before so fingers crossed.

I'm stopping this list right now as I started off enthusiastically knowing I had a plan but now the list is too long and I'm guessing very little will actually get done and I'll feel so guilty that I'll probably never blog again!!!

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