Friday, 4 November 2011

It was one of those days....

I've been trying to arrange to see sisterM for ages but we have had trouble sorting out a date and this week I was busy till Thursday or Friday and she couldn't do Friday! Thursday was also M's graduation, a big day for him and he had bought tickets for Daughter and the three children but I was to have O and take him with us to my sister's so the 9 year olds could enjoy the grown up celebrations without an excited 2 year old running around.......however, we got an 8:30am phone call from Daughter to say there was a problem and E couldn't go with them. So Hubby and I went to Daughter's house at 9:30am and sent the rest of them on their way, all looking very dressed up and excited, then I cancelled my visit to sisterM and Hubby took O home to play while I stayed in the house with E, mostly just reading my book.

The others all got back about 2pm and said that it had all gone very well, even though the tickets had been expensive and the food had been quite meager. So Daughter took me home and collected O. I decided to have a late lunch as a dinner out of the freezer realising that actually I hadn't had any breakfast and was very hungry. Went for a big bowl of spaghetti carbonara  (not really part of my carb-free diet) but ate the bloody lot  :o)

My laptop had been playing up and today it was at its worst. It wants to forever do scans or install virus updates which stops it opening pages and often makes plug-ins 'unresponsive' and today it even decided to reboot itself after I had stuff open.....argh wanted to throw it out of the window, but managed to just shut it down and watch TV instead. Then my mobile looked a little low on battery so I plugged that in but of course that is the time to receive texts so I'm kneeling on the floor in the hall to read and reply!

Then this evening was art group and as the day had seemed quite chilly and the room we do art in is never warm I put on a few extra layers, but once in the car I was boiling so had windows open and the dial on November!!!

For the last few weeks I've been giving FriendD lifts as he has an eye problem and mustn't drive so I have to leave earlier and make a slight detour and he is always at the lamppost before me, except today of course and that was when I realised that I had forgotten my phone which was still plugged in at if there was a problem and he had tried to let me know it was tough!!! But of course there wasn't a problem he was just running a bit late and my lack of patience today had made me imagine all sorts! 20min drive and we made it to the hall where FriendS had arrived realised she had forgotten to collect the key from the caretaker's house and left us standing in the carpark while she did that. Finally in and set up but as you can imagine I wasn't in a very artistic mood.

As an art group we have been invited to exhibit as part of a not-so-local-to-me school two day exhibition. I had offered to organise for our art group members by posting the forms and sending one cheque for the hanging fees, collecting all the paintings at our regular meeting, taking them and collecting them on the right days to save everyone having to do it. I had printed off all the paperwork for each member and printed extra labels as the rules had asked for a label front and back and I'd asked for suitable wrapping to protect their artwork while I transport......of course not everyone read the info and as I collected them in I had to ask for extra labels to be added and notes on what changes they want me to ask the organisers to make (like a price change) and one of our members had misunderstood the wrapping request as each of her three paintings were wrapped in brown paper with their label on the outside as if ready to post rather than hang! So I'll have to sort them all out Friday for delivery Saturday morning.

After art we always head for the Truck-Stop for live music, dancing and social chit chat.....but the slip round we needed had been closed and I had to drive a very long way round to get there. Once inside we discovered that the bar is being refurbished and the stage is now against a wall we couldn't see from our usual table but the dance floor is still where the stage used to be surrounded by tables, guess it will be good when it's finished but didn't make me feel like dancing tonight. Major downpour all night and when we were leaving, and another slip road closed so I had a very long detour on the way home too in the very heavy rain.

Was glad to finally end the day and crawl into bed!

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