Saturday, 19 March 2011

You throw and I'll catch....

I'm always amazed by the contagiousness of mood. Happy people spread happiness to everyone around them and those that are sad make those close to them sad too. I would love to be thought of as the person who always looked for the positive, a glass half full sort of outlook on life, and a person that made people smile, I often smile at strangers in the street or joke with the supermarket cashier or someone sitting near me in a waiting room! However, I do find open shared sadness is also quite healing at certain times and totally supportive when hugging a sad friend or family member!

I'm also amazed at my own lack of control when confronted with anger, when someone is loud in their anger over an injustice, whether I find it justified or not, I often find myself getting angry at the angry person, probably for making me feel uncomfortable.

But actually, now I think about it, there is a mood I never catch and that's indifference! If a person can never show excitement about something about to happen, never show appreciation for the efforts people have gone to on their behalf, never to do anything that is just to make someone else feel special, then they make me both angry and sad.

We all have choices each time something has an effect on how we feel and I will get angry and sad but hopefully try to move on quickly and get back to happy. So please think carefully before throwing me your mood, because even though I'll definitely catch it I may also throw it back!

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