Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Coming home empty handed.....

Had to pop into town today as both Hubby and I had our two yearly appointment at Specsavers. Hubby didn't have any change to his prescription so he just paid for the eye test, but my right eye seems to have got a bit weaker so all tests done I moved onto choosing frames and decided to have one clear pair and one pair as sunglasses as my usual choice of 'reactions' are never quite good enough for driving etc. So upgraded verifocals + anti glare coating on the clear pair and polarized lenses on the sunglasses came to a very expensive bill even using their BOGOF. Nothing to show for it yet, have to go back in two weeks to collect.

As we were in town, rare for me, I said I wanted to look for some new bras......never easy as I've what Gok Wan would call 'big bangers' so very limited on styles that come in my size, plus I find underwired very uncomfortable making what's available even more limited. Well after two shops and in and out of changing rooms I gave up!

I couldn't even console myself with a new handbag as my favourite stall didn't have anything I liked, or maybe I was already too fed up to like anything.
So when there was no offer from Hubby to take me to lunch or even stop for a coffee we came home!

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