Thursday, 10 March 2011

Breaking the silence...

Well I should have known that if I made public promises to do this and that to improve my life it would only end in silence, because I haven't done what I intended to do and was far too ashamed to admit it :o(

So it stopped me telling you about the books I've read, Gok Wan's autobiography which I really enjoyed but the pages were so full of spelling mistakes and typos that I was compelled to write a two page list to the publishers, of course I never heard back from them! Then there was the latest novel by Dawn French which was awful and actually put me off picking up another book for ages.
And I so wanted to mention the knitting I'm doing because I'm trying to be totally random and freehand with the design because R wanted me to paint more abstract which I find really hard and I've lots of wool to use up - see I could have got you all excited and forgotten to mention that it's only a scarf.
I would also have blogged about the great family get-together we had for christmas but two months late, postponed because I'd been ill when it had been planned for. So lovely to have a house full of family!
And I'm sure you would have liked to have read about my lovely week with O and R keeping me company last Sunday while Daughter took E for her first trampoline competition, thrilled she came 8th. Monday I'd have told you about O entertaining me and hubby for the best part of the day while Daughter took R and E to a drumming workshop. Tuesday was a day at the zoo for me with Daughter and Grandchildren and Wednesday O and I had fun at home so R and E could shop with their mum for special dresses for their dancing exam happening shortly!

But now you may never know what I've been doing unless I ignore that silly December post and break the silence.


Hannah said...

Breaking the silence is an excellent step! I try not to attach guilt to tasks left undone - it only ends up tiring me and setting me back further. I'm sure there were loads of great things you did, even if they didn't fit into the goals that you set yourself x

MumB said...

Thanks Hannah, appreciate getting a pat on the back and not a slap on the wrist :o) x