Monday, 11 October 2010

Please Please(d) Me......

Just had a great weekend with friends on a coach trip to Liverpool for the Strawberry Fields (Beatles) Tour.
We met the coach in Ipswich Saturday at 5am (yes I know that’s a silly time of day but we were so lucky as our special friend and neighbour offered to be up and ready to take us to the pickup point). We then had to make pick-ups at Norwich, Kings Lynn and Wisbech then our first meal/comfort break at Peterborough. Well at this point I was a bit bored and my Bbook didn’t have a charge (grrrr silly oversight) so I sent a tweet (which copies to facebook)....

* On the coach to Liverpool for the Strawberry Fields tour. Lots of stops so.......a long and winding road!

Closely followed by........

* Early start meant it was a hard day's night, but have to admit it's getting better!

I know they’re not all titles and some are just lyrics, but it amused me so hope it amused a few readers :o)

* Good morning good morning good morning and I feel fine!

We went as a group to the Beatles Experience exhibition which was really good. Had a bit of free time to walk around the Liverpool city centre shops and we stopped for a drink and the weather was so good we sat outside which was great.
Finally checked into the hotel, but unfortunately the room key they gave me and hubby didn’t work, so back down to reception and as they couldn’t work out the problem on their computer they moved us from the second floor to the fourth. Realising I hadn’t brought my phone charger and all the internet stuff I’d done, I thought I’d ask at reception if they had a spare charger, and they did.....but it was in a box so full of tangled wires that it looked like the kitten had been let loose on the knitting wool! Some time later I’d found a charger that fitted my phone but only had a two pin plug, which thankfully fitted the razor socket in the bathroom.
Dinner that evening was really nice. Because the weekend was so cheap we all thought the meal would be cheap and cheerful too, so we were all pleasantly surprised. We followed that with plenty of time in the bar, in fact we were the last to leave and head for bed.

Up early again and down for breakfast at 8am. Packed, checked out and all on the coach by 9am, then we were joined by the local Beatles tour guide who took us on a two hour tour with plenty of Beatles music and an entertaining and informative commentary.

* Now on the magical mystery tour, yeah yeah yeah yeah!

We saw the homes of John, Paul, George and Ringo (sad to see that Ringo’s house is soon to be demolished). We saw the gates of Strawberry Fields and lots more.

* Been here there and everywhere, oh blah di oh blah dah life goes on!

After that we had over three hours of spare time and while two of the men wanted more Beatles us girls and hubby wanted to see more of Liverpool especially the two cathedrals.

* Good day sunshine for a day in the life of a day tripper!

Lots of walking and lots of steps later and a short break for some food then we were back on the coach for the long drive home!

* We've come together as it's time to get back!

Our lovely neighbour came out to meet the coach and bring us home, that was about 10:30pm. We were very tired but it had been a fun weekend!

I’d managed 14 references to Beatles songs on twitter and facebook.....and so many more during conversations that I drove the others mad :o) And now the photos....... with the album title ‘Please Pleased Me’!


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