Thursday, 21 October 2010

What is in a dream.....

I dream so rarely, or maybe I dream often but remember them rarely, so when I wake up and can remember a dream so vividly that it seemed real I'm totally surprised and convinced that it must have a very deep meaning. So what do you think this means......

Hubby and I went into town to do some shopping. We parked our caravan in the middle of the shops at one end of the High Street, as usual. As we walked through town, hand in hand, a man jumped out and grabbed my wrist and pulled off my two gold bracelets. They broke and he was cross so hubby offered to repair them and return immediately while the chap held me waiting for his ransom. I can picture the man very clearly although I don't recognise him as anyone I know, he had a moustache and beard and was in his early 30s. The man was a stall holder, although his stall was totally empty, and he sat with a young woman on the empty stall swinging their legs and chatting away ignoring me! They seemed totally relaxed and no other shoppers had even noticed what was going on but I was a bit shaky so asked if they had a cigarette, he brought me one out of the back of his van (which hadn't been there before), it was extremely long but already half burnt down! After a short while I said I was cold and could I wait in the nearby hotel and he agreed. Inside the hotel, (which was dark and very old fashioned) I sat alone but soon there were a group of young girls which came and sat round me and discussed loudly all their purchases and occasionally I joined in.

Because I'd been in the hotel for some time and the man outside hadn't even come to check I realised that I could easily escape. So out of the back door of the hotel and down through town to our caravan where I expected to see hubby frantically repairing my bracelets to swap back for his captive wife.....but he wasn't there and I found him in a department store about to buy a packaged shirt. He actually gave the shirt to the cashier but made lots of excuses that he unfortunately had lost his wallet (although I could see it bulging in his pocket.

Hubby barely acknowledged my return and walked off with me following......
Then I woke up!!!
???  Any ideas what this means ???

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