Thursday, 30 September 2010

How time flies......

27 years ago today we moved into this house!
Since then our toddlers have grown into adults and we watched them go through nursery, primary, secondary and college schooling.
Since then our children have had various friends, boyfriends and girlfriends coming through this house and have now settled into homes of their own.
Since then we now have grandchildren coming to stay who are older than the children that first lived here!
Since then we have decorated every room more than once, needed to replaster almost every wall, and the kitchen has been completely rebuilt and the bathroom rebuilt twice too.
Since then we've change the building we moved into by adding an extension and porch roof and patio area too.
Since then our 'games room' with pool table and gym equipment has changed more to the 'arts & crafts room' housing all the grandchildrens' projects.
Since then we've had various visits to the hospital, mostly for minor injuries but a couple of episodes that were more scary but we survived them all.
Since then I've had lots of different paid jobs and now enjoying an early retirement.
Since then cassette tapes went out and CDs came in......what should we do with all our old tapes?
Since then videos went out and DVDs came in.......what should we do with all our old videos?
Since then we have made real friends that I hope will last forever!

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