Sunday, 22 November 2009

Perhaps you had to be there.....

I was sitting at the steward's desk of the art exhibition when a couple came over carrying a very large picture frame. This had been donated and priced at just £10 so would make a great sale for the charity.

They lent it against the desk and stood back to look (blocking the path of others).
He said "I'm sure it's about the right size"
She said "Well I think it's much too big". This debate went on for some time with him holding his arms out trying to gauge the size, and she then explained to me that they had bought a painting at a boot sale and needed a frame.
He said "We would have to put it in the middle and put one of those borders round it"
She said "Oh no, they only have them in cream now and that wouldn't go"
I told them they could get any colour they liked at The Range.
He said "I know I should have measured it but I think it was this big - holding wide his arms - just didn't think we'd see a frame today".
She said "No no no I'm worried about the height not the width"
The debate went on.

Then as if a light had switched on in his brain, he said "Of course, I've remembered, it's just a bit smaller than that suitcase as we brought it home in that"
She said "So how big is the suitcase?"
He said "Well I think it's about this big" - with him holding his arms out to try to gauge the size
She said "No no no I'm talking about the height not the width".........

Happy to report they did buy it in the end!

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