Friday, 20 November 2009

Luxury or just lazy.....

I could hardly believe it when I opened my eyes and saw that we were both still in bed at 20 past 9! Nothing special to get up for, and it is a horrible grey drizzly day but shear waste to just spend it in bed eh? So I dragged my body out of the lovely warm space and decided it was far too late to lounge about in my fleece shirt and jogging bottoms, like I usually do, so I got dressed straight away to appear totally ready for the who am I trying to kid, I put on dirty clothes and now need to undress, shower, wash hair and find clean clothes before anyone other than Hubby should see me. Till then I'll slob in these smellies.

Things I need to fit into today...
1. Make myself presentable (as mentioned above)
2. Ironing
3. Visit the art exhibition with Daughter and children (see below for what this is about)
4. Meet with BBB (ex-boss) to meet a translator we've worked with for years but never met
5. Write christmas cards
6. Catch up with 3 recorded "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here" (yes I'm a sad but loyal fan)

While writing the list I realised that I hadn't told you about the art exhibition. Well my friendAC, who was also an ex-colleague, organises an art exhibition every year to raise money for EACH (East Anglian Children's Hospice) and every year she nags me to participate and usually I'm too busy but now I'm not working I didn't have a ready excuse, so I've entered 6 paintings and got my granddaughters to enter one each and I'm down for two stewarding stints. Fingers crossed between us we might sell something!

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