Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My head's spinning....

It could be the run up to Christmas, but I've written all my cards which was a marathon event, and I've written the annual report ready to go into some of the cards and that was really hard to write this year but done now. I've bought half the presents and have wrapping paper ready.

Of course it could be that I've had some extra education this week by attending The Royal Institution lecture with Comedian. It was set as if we were all aliens being introduced to planet Earth and the green scientist explained diversity of species and how there are relatively few big animals compared to how many insects there are and how the quantity of bacteria far exceeds the sum total of all other species put together! Then we rejoined Daughter and LittleOne to walk through to Covent Garden for food and Christmas lights and street entertainment, then home. It was a lovely day.

Or it could be the head full of other people's secrets, as the dynamics of my group of friends goes through another transition. It seems like they each confide in me about what has happened, is happening or is about to happen, insights I'll keep to myself.

Or, because it really does spin when I move my head or bend, it could be that I'm getting a cold.

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