Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Looking back.....

I had my sisters over on Sunday to go through and share out all the photos I had taken from mum's flat and although sad it was good to reminisce our childhoods through the photos. We each took the ones that were special just to us and I now have another box of the ones that we all wanted, so I'll scan each one and save onto discs for each sibling.......although that could take some time. I've a parcel to post to my brother of ones he might like and a small collection of other members of our family that I'll take to my cousin's next week.

It was lovely to see how family living in Canada kept constantly updating mum on their growing children and grandchildren by sending photos and thankfully writing on the back of each one which child is which and how old they are. What a good idea, I really must do the same with mine by either writing on the back of the ones I have already or thoughtfully naming each digital file for the recent ones, as I don't print out so many now.

Good too to know that my parents had a life apart from us as lots of faces and places none of us knew. Unfortunately these meant nothing to any of us and so they were thrown away. I hope that hasn't done any damage to anyone's soul as believed by some tribes!

Fun to look back eh?
But looking forward now - my nieceS had a baby girl last week, so I've a great-nieceE who is fit and healthy and was given my mum's name as her middle name which is lovely. I'll be going to visit tomorrow for a big cuddle :o)

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